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Individual Membership

Individual Membership

The IEP is the professional membership institute for the employability sector.

Become a member and you join a network of people committed to best practice within the sector and gain opportunities to learn and share ideas with fellow employability professionals. As well as helping you with your current job it will help you build your career.

Members Benefits

Employability Professional (EP)

EP is the IEP’s weekly E-bulletin, which has grown to reach over 5000 employability professionals across the employment support sector, all over the UK. EP is filled with sector relevant content and expert information, developed through the IEP’s partnership networks. The publication keeps individuals up to date and is an excellent resource for sharing best practice.

The IEP Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is a searchable database of guides and best practice. It is currently accessible by 3000 employability professionals and contains over 100 articles on specific employability topics. The ability to search through a vast amount of relevant information is invaluable for frontline employment support staff members that not only wish to expand their own personal learning but also wish to improve their delivery and have limited time. The ultimate aim of the Knowledge Bank is that it becomes the ‘go to’ place for any question regarding frontline employment support delivery.

IEP Jobs Board

Since the IEP’s inception, it has been committed to ensuring both career progression and sector retention. Whilst the employability landscape may change, skills gained can be used to develop a rewarding career, supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society and really changing lives. The IEP’s interactive Jobs Board is filled with exciting new opportunities from within the ever-changing and diverse sector; this enables both vertical and horizontal career progression that aids the retention of talent in the sector.

Voting Rights

Members of the IEP are entitled to and encouraged to run for election and/or decide who they wish to be elected to the IEP Board. Currently the Board also has two co-opted members from frontline positions within the sector and this will be rolled out to other sector organisations on a rolling programme of engagement.

Members 4 Members Mentoring Programme

As expected, there is a vast array of knowledge existing within the IEP membership.  Members 4 Members (M4M) aims to encourage links between IEP members to share experience and increase knowledge across the sector. M4M is about members helping other members by sharing information on specialised topics or areas of delivery that require a different approach.

Member Website Area

Members are given Exclusive access to Member’s Area where they can record and track their CPD, set their preferences, access surveys and submit ideas for future development.

Professionalism and Credentials

Members receive a personalised IEP Membership Certificate, which is always accessible online that recognises their professional standing as FIEP, MIEP or AIEP, and an IEP Membership badge, which identifies them as a member of the IEP’s professional community.

Negotiated discounts through partners including ERSA, AELP, GUAC, L&WI and Others

There are opportunities to receive significant discounts on webinars, conferences and events organised by our partners at ERSA, AELP, GUAC and L&WI. Moreover, IEP Members are always given priority on free places at partner event opportunities and training.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

IEP Induction Pack

Building on the employment support foundation of the Level 3 ERS Qualification, the IEP Induction Pack was designed in line with the ‘by the sector for the sector’ approach. The IEP Induction Certificate confirms that the holder has gained the relevant knowledge required to operate in the employability sector, as recommended by the IEP.

Modules are all CPD accredited and designed to provide knowledge around all aspects of practice and this is particularly useful where some organisations miss out topics due to capacity during initial training. This includes elements such as Lone Working, Data Protection or Challenging Extremism and is an effective tool for large and small employers alike and/or their supply chains.

10 Things Guides

The IEP has commissioned an extensive series of specialist publications to develop the understanding of frontline staff around specific barriers to employment, whether physical disabilities, mental health or advice linked to specific disadvantaged groups.

These guides are designed to support staff to manage the more complex demands of the Work and Health Programme, and adapt to the diversification of the employment support sector as a whole. Numerous third sector organisations, specialists in their respective fields, have come forward to support the development of these guides, and there is a large amount of scope to build upon this for the future. The 10 Things Guides form part of the IEP’s CPD Programme, and they are accompanied by a CPD accredited exam, for each particular topic, providing a simple way to test knowledge gained.

Annual CPD Certificate

Maintaining professional development is necessary in a sector prone to high level of change. The IEP’s annual certificate provides an objective and holistic way to measure career progress and is designed to track the CPD of a Member over the course of their membership plus highlight their commitment to their own independent professional development. The Annual certificate is supported by the IEP’s own CMS system which tracking professional development; this proves particularly useful for smaller organisations that may not have their own HR software or large organisations that simply do not have the time.

The IEP CPD Programme enables individuals to remain up to date with their competence, knowledge and skills. Each year, the IEP encourages members to set personal targets for CPD and are currently in negotiations to determine the standards expected with leading sector experts and organisations for individual Continued Professional Development.

Networking Events

To promote the sharing of best practice across the sector, the IEP holds numerous networking events every year to assist frontline staff to debate and engage with their counterparts. IEP events provide a great opportunity for individuals and organisations in our partnership network to engage with, share knowledge and foster relationships across the sector.  They also provide an informal way for frontline staff to access peer networks and to discuss the challenges they face.

With the upcoming devolution and colocation agendas there will be a greater focus on promoting multi-agency collaboration. IEP Networking events will fulfil this role in providing an informal setting for employability professionals to share knowledge and participate in the profession outside of a single agency environment. 

Learning and Qualifications

By identifying the challenges that teams face, the IEP is able to adapt its strategy to critically support individuals in organisations where they need the most assistance, from primes through to supply chain partners, from public to private sector employers and across a variety of roles.

We are working to build recognition for the training which is already taking place across the sector and see ourselves as a catalyst for personal employability professional development, where individuality is the key driver to career success, as opposed to solely organisational need. The vision that the IEP has is to create a network of opportunity which will ideally become shared by a variety of employability professionals who would feel a sense of community.

ERS Level 3 Qualification

Developed to set the sector standard for the delivery of employment support services, the ERS Level 3 Qualification provides a strong and grounded understanding of knowledge  needed to work in the employment support service sector. Covering a wide range of skills from the aims of the sector to the effective use of labour market analysis it is suitable to be completed by any individual in any employment support role.

Endorsed by IEP

Endorsed by IEP training and qualifications are available from a range of leading work, training and education providers, providing simple access to quality learning that is both affordable and relevant. The IEP will highlight opportunities for professional development through training courses and learning opportunities across the country, with many CPD accredited. These opportunities will prove immensely beneficial in developing a holistic and varied curriculum that recognises the increased skills and expertise required to support customers in the future of the profession.  

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